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Online shopping is easy to go by when you know what you need, where to buy it, how to pay and how to get them  delivered to you at your door step in Ghana. Most Ghanaian wish they had a way to buy items like shoes, cloths, electronic gadgets, cooking utensils and etc from abroad. This article will be of help to anyone who is interested in doing shopping online in Ghana, I will  help you on how to get a VISA  Debit Card which gives you an access to shop online with ease. Also note that you will need a post box but if you don’t have one, don’t worry because you can use a valid house address.

Now let’s go through process of getting a VISA Debit Card. There are a lot of Banks in Ghana that can give you a VISA Debit Card upon request but I can testify for United Bank of Africa (UBA).

  1. Open an account at UBA with just 20cedis or more. This account can be a Savings or a Current account, which will take you 2 or 3 days to get your account number. If you already have an account with them, skip to the next point.
  2. Request for a VISA Debit Card. Fill a form for your VISA Debit Card, tell them you want to use it for online shopping, the card will cost you about 11cedis and a monthly charge of 2.8cedis.
  3. Wait for your VISA Debit Card to be ready. Your Visa request will be processed within 1 month and it will be linked to your bank account. This card has to be verified within 24 hours after receiving it from the bank, therefore you have to wait for a day before you start using it online.
  4. Fund your account when you VISA Debit Card is ready. Make a deposit of any amount into the account provided it will be enough to make your payments for what you are buying, also note that you have to calculate the amount and convert it into Ghana cedis.
  5. Now, visit the online shop where you want to buy your stuffs, look for what you want, add you card details including your address (same as the address you used to opened the account), enter your CVV which is at the back of your card and do your payment. NOTE the CVV is not the same as PIN, the PIN is used for cash out when using the ATM but the CVV is for online payment only.
  6. After doing your payment wait for order confirmation. The confirmation is usually within 6 hours depending on the shops policy. You will be provided with a tracking number after your payment has been successfully made and verified.
  7.  Use the tracking number to monitor the movement of your items till they are delivered to you address.

Hope you can now buy stuff online without worries, if you still need assistance, leave a comment and i will help you through.




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