Lady who went for vagina enlargement got what she never bargained for

Written by Wages

A lady who tried to alter the vagina God gave her got something she never thought could happen to her and now she needs a cure desperately.

This lady got it all wrong when she went for a vagina enlargement

According to a Facebooker, Emmanuel Chinedu Udoaku, a young lady who was not satisfied with the private part God gave her and decided to tamper with His work got the shocker of her life.

Udoaku who posted the photo of the lady with enlarged thigh on her wall narrated that the unnamed lady who is from the eastern parts of the country, tried to enlarge her private part but the local surgery went all wrong and she ended up with a strange ailment that has defied all forms of treatment.

This is what Udoaku wrote on her wall:

“Please pray for her. She went and did ‘pussy’ enlargement but the result was unfavourable to her and she later developed this.

The rate Onitsha ladies are doing vagina enlargement is very alarming. If you have a small vagina, why can’t you value it? It is a gift from God.

Why do you want to do a vagina enlargement? Is it because you want to enjoy sex with many guys?”

Is vagina enlargement a result of feminism and women’s constant quest for gender equality?




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